Type of glass used

We use glass sourced from English supplies one of whom who can trace glass manufacture on its site back to the 1700s.

Bullseye, Spectrum 96, and Desag glasses are used for most jewellery. Float glass is used for most hangings and ice-cube beads

Bullseye. (COE 90) This is the most popular glass for fusing. It has the lowest firing temperature, and simplest firing schedule of all the glasses. It comes in a variety of colours including iridescent and sparkly colours. Reds and oranges intensify when fired.

Desag. (COE 90) is compatible with bullseye, but does not melt in quite the same way, so is used to make the more 3d pieces. The colours are particularly brilliant.

Spectrum 96 (COE 96) is principally used for stained glass work, and the colours are very intense. Red darkens greatly when fired.

Float glass (COE 84-87) This is the kind of glass used for windows. It is called "Float glass", because the molten glass is floated on a bath of molten tin in a chemically controlled atmosphere. This give it it's lustrous finish and perfect flatness. It has a very pale greenish tint. The glass we use is recycled picture frame glass. Since this glass was not designed for fusing, and the COE varies, it is difficult to design a firing schedule. For this reason, a most conservative schedule is used, having an annealing period of 8 hours.