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Sukie Meldon (nee Hoyle)

Working with glass represents the late blooming of a seed sown in my childhood.

At school I had a passion for art, music and science, and would have been equally happy with a career in any one of these. I was advised to stick to science as the more “sensible” career path. As a result I have been a computer programmer for many years.

In middle life ,I had a change of heart and decided to pursue art; I had become more concerned with doing something fulfilling, than something “sensible”.

I first studied Photography at the College of West Anglia. During this time I photographed water, glass and mirrors.

I went on to study fine art specialising in videos (again of transparency and reflections). It was only when I left College in 2003 that I finally acquired a kiln for fusing glass, and my fascination with this light capturing and altering substance has now reached fruition.

Picture below is of me cutting glass.

sukie cutting glass