Pricing is always difficult for artists as work often takes a very long time. How does one charge for time? If say one charges £10.00 an hour, this seems low by commercial standards, but may mean that art work is priced out of most people's pockets. Having been interested in buying art, but not well off, I know only too well how sad it is not to be able to afford lovely things.

I need to sell my things, not only to live on, but as feed back telling me how good an idea is, have I created something truly lovely, or something ghastly?. When you are at college, your tutor and fellow students will guide you, but afterwards, only your customers will provide this essential feedback. Pricing dichroic pendants is relatively easy, since one can base the price on the cost of the materials which are expensive. As a rough guide dichroic pendants cost between £12.00 and £50.00 depending on the size, amount of dicroic glass and whether fine silver has been embed ed..

Hippy beads and hangings are another matter since the materials are inexpensive, but the amount of labour is considerable. Here I try to keep in mind time taken to make the item, experience (the more I've made, the quicker I will be), and what I think people could reasonably afford.